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Morticians 2010 Morticians 2010: Andreas Rimheden: lead vocals, Marie Hagelqvist: backing vocals and drum pads.
Morticians live at Neostalgia, Malmö, 2006. Live Neostalgia 2006

Morticians photo


A new Morticians emerging from the shadows of 2005.


Morticians live somewhere in Sweden 2005...

Morticians photo

Morticians photo

Morticians are macho and industrial! And at the same time too!


Morticians during their early Alice Cooper-inspired days. Together with not so good dancer Malin Nilsson..

Morticians photo


Stefan Thor singing falsetto while hanging from the roof of the stage at the first, last and greatest electronic music festival in Emmaboda.

Morticians unplugged
Perrong 23, Hässleholm, Sweden
Early spring 1995.